Feijoada - Black Bean and Pork Stew


Frozen Product - 700g

Because of the dish's hearty ingredients and rich flavors, feijoada is viewed as Brazilian national soul food.

Feijoada is prepared with black beans and a variety of pork products. The final dish has the beans and meat pieces barely covered by a dark purplish-brown broth. The taste is strong, moderately salty but not spicy, dominated by black bean and meat stew flavors.

It is customary to serve it with steamed rice and oranges, as well as couve, a side dish of stir-fried, chopped collard greens or kale, and a crumbly topping called farofa, made of cassava flour. The meal is just as warm, comforting, rich and vibrant as the music, people and culture of Brazil.

Soul Brazil Cuisine’s Feijoada is made with high quality ingredients and love, in a homestyle way. It is fresh and ready to eat, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours. A hearty taste of Brazil From our kitchen to your table.

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